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Sheik Yer Money Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes
Sheik Yer Money

Sheik Yer Money Mobile Slot Review

The Sheik Yer Money mobile slot is a popular video slot game from Barcrest, and is designed all around the world of a rich Sheik man, featuring ridiculous amounts of gold and wealth!

Now it’s important to note there’s two ways to bet in Sheik Yer Money.

First, you can play the normal spins you’d play, where you select your stake, and press spin.

Or… if you want to be a bit more adventurous and aim for BIG paydays, you can play the “Big Bet” version of the game, where you’ll find a £20 and £30 game available – here, you only get 5 spins, but what you will see, is that bonus symbols stick in place, making it a LOT easier to get the lucrative feature round!

Game Features On Mobile

The bonus within Sheik Yer Money is the Mystic Lamps, and these actually end up playing a vitally important role in the slot, due to the massive chance of winning they give you.

Whenever you see one of the lamps in the main base game land, it will then turn into a random symbol, which automatically transforms into the best symbol possible.

For example, usually, when random symbols are revealed, they are… well… just that – random – but in the Mystic Lamp bonus round, the symbol revealed is the best possible one it could be, to ensure that it earns you as much money as possible.

While they don’t land particularly often, when they do make themselves known it can be really well-worth it, and they can attribute towards 4-of-a-kind and 5-of-a-kind quite easily!”

Now the mobile slot version of Sheik Yer Money is just as reliable and enjoyable as the game you’d find on a computer or in the bookies, and all you need to do to begin playing is open the game up, tilt your phone into landscape mode, and begin playing!

Now if you want to begin playing Sheik Yer Money without actually risking any of your own money, you’ll want to check out the Slots4Play mobile app!

It’s available on both mobile phones and tablets, and can be downloaded from the iOS AppStore, and the Android Play Store, and not only can you enjoy Sheik Yer Money, but you can also enjoy hundreds of other high-quality slot games… for FREE!

The link to download is below, so check it out and see if YOU can land the Mystic Lamps!

Pros: A fun game, Sheik Yer Money mobile is accessible to players on both old AND new devices, and it’s simple to begin playing!

Cons: The music is very soothing, so don’t play if you’re in a relaxed or tired mood!

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