Play 24 Mobile Slot
Play 24 Mobile Slot
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24 Mobile Slot

There are a lot of us who get hooked up with TV series and watch them on binge. It could be any genre but you follow it regularly and keep a close eye on each and every episode.

Now imagine a scenario where your favourite TV show becomes a mobile game!

That’s right folks, iSoftBet has come up with yet another brilliant idea, a mobile casino game featuring 24 the TV series of Jack Bauer. Let’s talk a little about this show before you actually get to the game. Jack runs a counter terrorist team that has the mission to fight off terrorists who might have secret hidden plans.

Now this series is converted into a casino game, everything from graphics to music and even character symbols.

Sure, 24 mobile slot game is like just any other casino game but there are a few features that really bring it out on the top. Starting off with the graphics and music that leave you feeling suspenseful and wanting to play more.

The symbols on the reels are Jack, his badge and other details from the show. The developers really went above and beyond as they used state-of-the-art technology to animate this game.

There are 10 paylines and you can bet up to €2 per coin so if you win, you will get more gold coins! There are also bonus rounds and free spins, much in sync with the 24 count down on the corner of the game. Players who regularly play online mobile games had never come across something that not only left them mesmerised but also resulted to be fruitful.

Games based on a certain theme certainly go much further than the usual ones. Sure the wins may not be as big but betting on spins isn’t a bad idea either because you certainly will get your money back one way or another.

The overlay is smooth and the design is flawless, making it easy to be used even by first timers. And a tip, when you trigger at least three bonus symbols in the game, you get to the bonus level! Try it out now.

mobile slot bonus