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Double Bonus Mobile Slot

Almost everyone enjoy playing poker online, but it is so much more fun when it's available on mobile devices.

This is especially true when it comes to playing with the Double Bonus Mobile app as the poker payouts are extremely high.

This is a big money game that is exceptionally popular because of its massive 4,000 coin jackpot for Royal Flush. You also have the potential to win an astronomical high jackpot of $20,000 if you are playing the game with five of the $5 coins.

When you win a game, your payout will be doubled, hence the name Double Bonus Poker. This poker game features many unique four of a kind wins with generous payouts. For instance, four-of-a-kind 5s to kings pays $1250 or 250 coins; 4s, 3s or 2s pays $2,000 or 400 coins; four aces pay $4,000 or 800 coins; four 4s, 3s or 2s and four aces with 4, 3 or 2 award up to $10,000!

With the Double Bonus Mobile app, the game is simple to play from your convenient handheld device. To begin playing, you can tap on the button to place a wager.

Once you tap the Double button, a second screen will appear to deal the cards with four faced down and one faced up. The aim is to pick a higher value card than the card on display, so you need to tap on the screen to discard and hold the ones that you want after dealing.

The last five cards will be shown face up. If luck is on your side, your payout will be doubled and you can try again. As soon as you start to play for real, you will begin to win real quickly because the game loads very fast with its simple graphics.

All in all, this is a full-featured poker game that is one of most exciting titles out there for mobile devices. You will love the slick graphics and sound effects when playing this game that is available on a variety of mobile platforms. Download the amazing Double Bonus Mobile app to play poker on your tablet or smartphone.

mobile slot bonus