Play European Blackjack Mobile Slot
Play European Blackjack Mobile Slot
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European Blackjack Mobile Slot

The European Blackjack game is simply one of the most popular and the hottest and free in the world these days and for good reason.

Microgaming developed the European Blackjack Gold Series to give the classic table game a more realistic feel and look. This Gold Series definitely delivers more special features which can help to heighten your experience.

To make it even more interesting and fun, you are now able to enjoy the game with the European Black Jack Gold mobile app that is designed for your smart device.

Features of the European Blackjack Gold Series

This Gold Series features some superb graphics, background music, realistic table and animated selectors. All the controls are crystal clear and you will have a wide variety of chips to choose from. They are available to suit the needs of high rollers to moderate casino players. In addition to that, some allows for mixed stacks of chip.

European Black Jack Gold mobile app offers two regular playing decks. One 10 point card and an Ace could make up the Blackjack and pay you at a 3 to 2 rate.

Sticking to the general blackjack rules, you have the option to stand or hit if you did not get Blackjack right away and you could do a split to get two hands if you have matching cards. If you have an overall total of 11, 10 or 9, you can double down to try your luck at winning double on the first bet.

It is important to note that the dealer stands on hands of seventeen's in the European Blackjack Gold game.

This Gold game is actually developed in a unique way so that you can feel like you are really sitting at the blackjack table and listening to the actions all around while watching the game. Thanks to the advanced mobile technology, your iPhone or iPad device will allow you to enjoy all the actions in the palm of your hand.

You should make use of the mobile platforms available for iPhone and iPad today as the higher technology is making it easy for you to play entertaining games. Try your luck with the European Black Jack Gold mobile app.

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