Play European Roulette Mobile Slot
Play European Roulette Mobile Slot
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European Roulette Mobile Slot

Playtech has a European Roulette that you can play on your mobile from anywhere in the world. This version is very exciting with its online board and wheel containing 37 numbers in chambers from 0 to 36. Keep reading if you are interested in knowing how to play European roulette on mobile.

At first glance, this roulette table might seem intimidating to most players but the basic gaming idea is to bet on a particular number or combination of numbers, situation or colour that the ball could land on within the chambers.

In addition to that, you can try to choose the general range or the colour of the pot or bet to see whether an even or odd chamber will appear.

First, you have to place your bets. After that the wheel will start to spin and the ball will drop in the opposite direction. If the ball drops in a numbered slot, a corresponding number will be marked on the board and winners will get paid that amount.

You are able to create any combination from the following bets on a single spin:

- Quadrants or Pairs, where chips are placed between numbers for your bet;

- Ranges, where you guess if the number is going to be in the lower or upper half; within the third, second or first thirds or land in the third, second or first column;

- Even or odd, where you would choose if the ball is going to appear even or odd;

- Single number, where you will choose the single number that you think will appear;

- Black or Red, where you decide if the next number is going to be black or red one.

As soon as you made your choices to play European roulette on mobile, you can click to spin the wheel. The pay table will show the payouts for every bet type and the maximum bet that you can place on each type.

Once you scroll over the sign at the top of the page you will see the minimum and maximum amount for betting.

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