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Riviera Riches Mobile Slot

Glamour and opulence is all that the Riviera Riches Mobile Slots is all about. This is the only casino game that brings together slot machines and the roulette games together.

If you have always loved the glitz that comes with the lives of the rich and famous, then this is a nice way to get a taste of the fine life right in your palms from the screen of your mobile phone.

The Riviera Riches Online Slot Machine

This is a 5-reel 15-pay-line mobile slot machine that uses images to portray the lavish lifestyles of the gentlemen and elegant ladies as well as the luxurious surroundings of the Casino Riviera.

The logo is a wild symbol that players can replace with any other symbol for a pay-line. The mobile slot also comes with a high paying symbol by itself. To win a jackpot with this mobile slot, all you need is a five Riviera Riches logo on a pay-line and you could potentially walk home with 1,500 times of your bet.

The Roulette Bonus in Riviera Riches Mobile Slots

It is interesting to note that you will occasionally come across Roulette bonus symbols appearing between reels 1 and 5. When this happens, you will have to take a break from the slot machine and play the Roulette bonus games.

While here, you will have two spins on the roulette wheels. You will place one of your bets on the green felt roulette table while the other corresponding one will be placed for you automatically. With this, you have all the chances to be a winner. This is also considering the fact that you are guaranteed of at least four times in payout for just trying out the Roulette Bonus Game.

Enjoy playing the Riviera Riches Mobile Slots

Riviera Riches Mobile Slots provides you with the elegance and excitement as well as the thrill of spinning a roulette wheel with guaranteed chances of winning. The experience and the quality of the game is worth it for each and every second while you are on it.

mobile slot bonus