Play European Roulette Mobile Slot
Play European Roulette Mobile Slot
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Roulette Mobile Slot

For many years, roulette game is seen as the king when it comes to casino gambling. Now, you have roulette on your mobile which are just as good. The basic roulette game can be found in many variations, including the European and American.

Roulette features a ball spinning inside a wheel that has numbered pockets. When the ball stops in a numbered pocket, this number will be the winning one.

How to Play Roulette Mobile game

When playing mobile roulette, you first place a bet and then click on the Spin button. If you get lucky, you will collect your winnings. You have two types of bet to make.

You are able to make several bets on just one spin and these can all be for various amount of money. The other option is to bet on just one number, two numbers or groups of eighteen, twelve, six, four or three numbers.

The different wagering options helps to make the mobile roulette casino game so much more exciting and interesting.

Now, the amount that you can win on mobile roulette will depend on the type of bet and the amount that you bet. As a general rule, you will have lesser changes of winning if you place bet on less numbers, but you can get a bigger payout if you are lucky enough to win. For instance, if you place a straight-up bet on just one number, you will not win very regularly but can get a payout of 35 to 1 if your number hits.

You are more likely to get about fifty percent of your bets and an even money payout for each win if you place even money bet, like Even or Odd; Low or High; Black or Red.

If you make a Street Bet, which is to bet on three numbers in the horizontal row, you will have a much better chance to win. You can win a payout of 11 to 1 if you hit any of the three numbers.

Lastly, you could place a Dozen Bet, which is a bet on the first, second or third twelve numbers on the roulette table to win a 2 to 1 payout.

Play roulette mobile game to try your luck today!

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