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Sunset Reels Mobile Slot

Sunset Reels mobile slots from Sunrise Reels. For this game, you will see the red glowing light of the sun as it sets across the mountainous landscape.

You can feel the warmth of the orange and red colours in the background as you spin the reels to win up to 160 times your bet.

Sunset Reels is a 3 reel mobile game with 5-pay-line and a range of traditional symbols such as fruit, sevens and bars. You can play with the minimum bet amount of 0.25 and the maximum amount of 100.

The style of game-play is based on choice, but this slot offers good betting options for persons who want relaxing and simple fun. The game awards wins from left to right on active win lines for three symbols which match consecutively. You could win as much as 160 times your bet if you hit three double sevens on the reels. This is the highest paying combination in the game.

In addition to that, the game has a Full House feature. If all the nine positions on the screen have the same symbol, the payout will be for all 5 pay lines and the amount is going to be doubled.

With a high hit frequency, this game offers lots of fun and is very easy to learn. The top payout at the maximum bet will be $160,000.00, which is actually quite large for a slot that would seem like a low paying game at first glance. It is also worth mentioning that the RTP% for this mobile slot is more than 95%.

The Sunset Reels mobile slots machine is a better paying game to the sister-slot from Realistic Gaming. It is a great slot game for players who like simpler things because they usually give the best rewards.

This gaming console is similar to what you would find in the early twentieth century when slots machines were mechanical, before the 5 reels versions were introduced. Play the game to enjoy the warm sun and peaceful feel as the winnings build-up in your mobile casino account.

mobile slot bonus