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Know When To Stop - Signs of Problem Gambling

For most players, gambling is a fun, exciting, and enjoyable experience, and – while it’s nice to win money – it’s not generally the main focal point of the gaming time.

Some players, however, do struggle with their gambling, and self-control, and this can cause a magnitude of problems when left untreated, so it’s important, if you feel as though you may suffer with a gambling problem, you know when to stop.

Below, you’ll find a few classic signs of problem gambling. If YOU find yourself experiencing any of these signs, you’d be wise to seek help – we’ve included links at the bottom of this post.

Visible signs of problem gambling are – of course – the most apparent sign that someone may be problem gambling, and this can include clear frustration/emotional distress when losing, irritability while not playing, and desperately searching for funds when they lose all their money.

Long-term effects include Depression, and sometimes Suicidal feelings, though these are hard to pinpoint solely to gambling – especially before the problem gambler accepts he/she has a problem.

Another common sign is financial difficulty. If someone is continually asking to borrow money, or if YOU find yourself going into your credit card, overdraft, or even Payday Loans – you really should take a moment to stop, and think about what you’re doing.

Make a commitment that you’ll want 24 hours – if you still feel the same way then, try and wait another 24 hours – you’ll be amazed how quickly to urge passes.

Some of the side effects which a problem gambler is likely to experience, include a decreased value of money, a sense of loneliness, and agitation while away from gambling. You may also be feeling as though you want to gamble on your own – and sometimes you may even get angry when others watch you gamble – but only when you’re losing.

It’s often said that a gambler’s emotions run concurrently with their balance (casino funds), so the higher the balance, the happier the player.

This is scarily accurate, and just head to any land-based casino, and you’ll see this in action itself!

If you fear you – or a loved one – may be suffering with a gambling problem, get help – it’s not embarrassing, and there are real organisations out there to help!

Below are two of the biggest gambling charities in the UK, both offering free advice and counselling, so be sure to check them out if you find yourself deep down feeling as though you have a problem.

Gamble Aware

Gambler’s Anonymous

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