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Mobile Roulette games and types

roulette games for mobile phone

Roulette is among the most well-known casino game ever created, and each year, an incredible number of players benefit from the thrills of spinning the wheel, picking their luckiest number, and hoping to get lucky!

The game is quite straightforward to play, requires no knowledge to begin playing, and offers decent payouts as high as 35/1, so it’s easy to understand why players worldwide enjoy this casino-classic every day!

Playing Roulette on your mobile device is no different than playing from a computer, laptop… or even in a land-based casino itself – and in this post, we’re going to look at the basics of Roulette, so you can get started on YOUR favourite mobile casino right away!

How To Play the Roulette game on your device

Roulette requires no mathematical knowledge to get started – and can be as simple as choosing a colour - red or black - to begin with the betting.

While the game is made to be as easy as possible, those that haven’t played before could find it just a little intimidating, therefore the following guide can help make sure that you can approach a Roulette table - both online AND offline - confidently, knowing you right’ are ‘doing it!

First, let’s consider the Roulette Wheel itself. (We’re covering European Roulette - the most typical type you’ll encounter).

The wheel itself contains 37 numbers: 1-36, and zero.

When Roulette is played, a little ball is spun about the wheel, which, after a couple of seconds, will drop into a particular slot on the wheel – one of the 37 numbers; the number the Roulette ball lands in is the “outcome” of the spin, and if your bets correlate to that number you win – if not, you lose.

Roulette Bet Types

Even-Money - An even-money wager is a bet what you are essentially looking to double your money. While not quite 50/50, it’s practically a coin toss, and the even-money bets include the Red/Black bet, the Odds/Even bet, and the High/Low number bet.

‘Thirds’, or 2/1 Bets – Somewhat of an “upgrade” on even-money bets, Thirds Bets allow you to take on a bit more risk – for a bit more reward. Here, you bet on each one of three columns, or rows. If you select the right column/row and your bet wins, you’ll be paid at 2/1, so a £5 bet would return £15.

Individual Number Betting - You can select to wager ‘straight up’ on all numbers of the Roulette wheel – this bet pays 35/1, and is one of the most-played, thanks to the large returns on offer.