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Randomness In Mobile Gambling

Online gambling is increasingly in popularity by the day, and with recent legislation making online gambling legal in many more countries, the gambling industry is booming, with mobile online casinos enjoying their fair share of the action.

One thing players have started questioning, however, is how the game’s results are generated. Who chooses what number the Roulette wheel will land on? What determines how much you win during that free-spins Video Slot feature? Well, it’s all down to what’s known as a RNG (random-number-generator), and they’re the most important part of an online casino!

A random-number-generator is - as the phrase gives away - a type of computer that produces a random number that is then used by the casino to determine the outcome of a game.

For instance, if you’re playing a game of Baccarat, all the cards that comes out from the Baccarat shoe are decided by the random-number-generator. The same applies to Video Slot video games, Video Poker, 3 Card Poker – any game you play online uses a RANDOM-NUMBER-GENERATOR.

Online casinos usually choose to rent all their games from well-known software providers; this helps attract players, and means that the casino themselves don’t have to worry about technicalities – the RNG included – but while it sounds complex, the way the RNG works is actually quite simple.

As soon as you press the spin or deal button, the random-number-generator is “called”, and simply returns a number at random. The game then uses this number to determine which event will occur on your screen, determining a win or lose!

While it’s mathematically impossible for a machine to create a truly 100% number, random-number-generators are incredibly fair, and provided the casino you play with is using reputable software, from well-known software providers, you’ll be in safe hands.

It’s also comforting to know that all casinos offering casino games to players residing in the UK (and most other countries in the world), are required by law to submit their random-number-generator source code to independent auditors, to ensure it is 100% fair.

One of the most commonly asked questions by players - particularly about random-number-generator’s – is how they can be random, when said player loses a number of hands in a row, or loses a huge amount of money on the slots, without a single win.

While it is be tempting to blame this round of bad-luck on the random-number-generator, it’s important to remember that random-number-generator’s don’t have a memory – they don’t know the previous result – and each spin/hand, it’s a completely new event.

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